Dyno Tuning

At DVS Tuning we take an in-depth approach to tuning, spending the time to ensure your car is tuned for optimum performance, safety, economy and drivability. Our facility features two modern DynoTech dynos to simulate road and race track conditions while monitoring engine vitals and measuring power and torque output. Changes made to your car’s tune in this simulated environment are instantly visible allowing our technician to fine tune your car.

All of our tunes will be tailored to suit the style of driving your car is being used for, whether it be street, circuit, drift or drag. Our technician’s in-depth approach to tuning ensures that your car’s tune perfectly matches its engine’s characteristics. By matching your goals with your car’s characteristics DVS Tuning will meet, if not exceed, your performance expectations while increasing your car’s reliability.

Experience is vital when it comes to working with high performance vehicles. Our tuning technician has been building and tuning high performance vehicles for over 12 years, offering a wealth of experience and knowledge. Being car enthusiasts ourselves DVS Tuning owns street, circuit and drag cars including our 400kw, stock engine and camshafts R32 GTR. Running a 10.81 131.36mph down the 1/4 mile, our car has set one of the fastest times recorded from a GTR with stock camshafts.

DVS Tuning

Engine Management

Modern day performance cars rely on computerised engine control units (ECUs) to control the engine’s fuel maps, ignition timing, idle speed and even valve timing. Most stock ECUs allow for little to no tuning thus requiring either a replacement ECU or one which works alongside the car’s stock ECU, known as a piggy-back. We specialise in installing and tuning a large range of ECU types. As there are so many ECUs on the market we recommend you contact us to discuss which option will best suit your application.



Ethanol/E85 Tuning

Since the introduction of high content ethanol blend fuels at several major service stations and race fuel providers it has fast become the go to fuel for anyone looking for maximum performance out of their car. E85, a blend of 70-85% ethanol with the remainder petrol, is the most commonly available high ethanol content blend here in NSW and is the current choice of the V8 Supercar series. DVS Tuning has worked with E85 since its introduction and provides extensive experience when it comes to servicing, tuning and performance upgrades.

Benefits of tuning your car on E85:

  • Very high octane rating of 105 or more.
  • Increases in power and torque across the whole rev range.
  • Increased knock protection/more resistance to detonation than premium 98 RON petrol.
  • Ability to safely run higher boost pressure or compression ratio.
  • Ability to safely run a more aggressive and efficient ignition map.
  • Reduction in carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Lower cost per litre when sold at the pump.

DVS Tuning has the expertise and experience to convert your car to safely run E85 and maximise performance with an E85 dyno tune.

DVS Tuning
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